Kindness of Islam Prohibits Cruelness

When a moslem entering a market and he brings an arrow or any other sharpenned stuff, he shall not expose them that may hurt or frighten other people. For a moslem who found thorns across the road and he removed them away, it's assumed as charity. These two examples are to indicate that hurts other people is prohibited in Islam eventhough just a scratch.

In  rage of war instead, Islam prohibits their troops to hurt women, children, decrepit people, and any other civil people who are not direct relationship with the war.  Islam also prohibits destruction of public facilities such as water reseources, plantation field, animal farm, and something like that. Whoever moslems break this rule will be judged under Law of Jinayah. The breaker will be punished with qishas (balance punishment) or paying diyat (fine). Let's see again this teachings in fiqh book from Four Madzhab that were deeply digged from Al-qur'an and As-Sunnah.

So how and how can be someone trapped in cruelness..what the reason.. anger, frustation, egoism ??? all of them are islamic intention. Moslem shall walk on the right path in the rule of Islam. Islam teach moslem to be patient in a very best patient (shabrun jamiil) when facing disaster or troublesome and raise up their hands to expect Allah's help. 


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