Indonesian Mindset

I introduced Indonesian Mindset during Toyo Global Leader Seminar held on Oct. 15th to 19th, 2012 at Chiba, Toyo Eng. Corp. Office.

One of the most interesting mindset to the audience is "Untungnya" that meanings "Fortunately rather than Unfortunately", it is positive mind of Indonesian culture. A sample tale of this Untungnya Mindset given in the following story,

A Jack and his family were living in a Jakarta capital city of Indonesia,

Jack was working in a Textile Company with minimum standard salary.
Indonesian will say "Fortunately he still has a job".

3 months after, Jack was fired by his Company.
Indonesian will say " Fortunately his wife is cakes seller and she is a patient woman"

2 weeks later, Jack got an accident.
Indonesian will say " Fortunately he is still alive"

3 days after in hospital, Jack passed away.
Indonesian will say"So sorry, but fortunately he already bought a house for his family, and really his wife is a patient woman".

This is really the Power of "Untungnya".


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