Moringa Project

Moringa Project

Moringa Project

The IRDI Moringa Project empowers people, groups and communities in Zambia to establish moringa plantations for improved health and nutrition, economic empowerment, poverty reduction, and sustainable development.

How it works

IRDI provides education, training and planning to its beneficiary groups for the implementation and management of organic moringa plantations in rural and peri-urban areas within Zambia.
IRDI has partnered with a Zambian company with a fair-trade and inclusive business model, that purchases the moringa produce from IRDI growers at fair international market-related prices and then processes, markets and distributes these high quality moringa products to local and international export markets.
IRDI growers benefit through growing moringa crops by earning an above-average income for their harvests.

Beneficiary groups and target areas

Under-resourced and under-developed communities in rural and peri-urban areas of Zambia.

Rural communities participating in the IRDI Moringa Project

  • The people of Kamitowo Village in Mpanshya, Chongwe District, Lusaka Province
  • Mpanshya Mission Hospital in Mpanshya, Chongwe District, Lusaka Province
  • Mafungo Village Community and Lusaka Provincial Women’s Development Association in Mafungo Village, Chongwe District, Lusaka Province
  • Kanakantapa Community and Ecunemical Development Foundation in Kanakantapa, Chongwe District, Lusaka Province
Skills training for planting moringa seedlings
Consultation with Headman and community members
Organic compost training in Mafungo Village
Stakeholder consultation in Kanakantapa Community

Highlights of moringa

  • Sustainable crop and one of the fastest growing biomasses on the planet
  • Moringa can be harvested 4 months after planting, and then every 60 days
  • Highly nutritious and a powerful tool in fighting both malnutrition and preventing disease
  • Animal fodder and organic crop fertilizer
  • Effective water purifier
  • Known as a “Miracle Tree”, moringa has numerous medicinal uses
  • High commercial potential for communities in developing countries.
The nutritional benefits of moringa dry leaf powder
Imagine Miracle Moringa grown by rural communities in Zambia

Project Funding

The IRDI Moringa Project is partially funded by Innovations Against Poverty (IAP), an initiative by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), to support businesses to develop services, products and processes that will benefit people living in poverty. The IAP is designed for companies based in, or operating in a poor country.


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